Wrattonbully is a temperate region that is especially well-suited to the production of high-quality red wines. Slightly warmer than neighbouring Coonawarra yet cooler than the Padthaway wine region to the north, Wrattonbully’s vineyards are established at an elevation of 75-100 metres (246-328 feet). Gently hilly slopes facilitate cold air flow and lower relative humidity, minimising the risk of frost and disease.
Weather Data
Mean January Temperate - 20.4C
Heat Degree Days - 1503
Rainfall - 561mm per annum (84 years average) 

Geology & Geography

For more than 25 million years, Wrattonbully and the Limestone Coast region lay hidden beneath the sea. When the ocean began to recede approximately one million years ago, 14 stranded coastlines or ranges became visible between the Naracoorte range and the current shoreline.
Wrattonbully spans several of these ranges including Stewarts range, the Naracoorte range (also known as the Kanawinka Escarpment, which was the original coastline of the continent of Gondwanaland), the Caves range and Hynam range.
Limestone Caves are a feature of the area, with the region home to the World Heritage-Listed Naracoorte Caves. Many new caves were discovered during vineyard development, and some contain significant ancient fossils and prehistoric remains.


The wind-blown organic material that accumulated on top of the shell-encrusted limestone reefs formed Wrattonbully’s famous free-draining terra rossa soils, which are ideal soils for viticulture. Fertility is moderate to high; in part from the very good structure and partly from the neutral to mildly alkaline chemical balance.
For further information regarding the regions soils, Click here to view Unearthing Viticulture in the Limestone Coast, a document funded through the GWRDC Grassroots Regional Program.

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Tony Love, The Advertiser, SA

Just north of the better known Coonawarra, this gently rising landscape is producing some smart fruit but too few wine labels for the region. It’s only via them we can see the district come alive.

Tony Love, The Advertiser, SA

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